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The second International Environment Forum scheduled to be held June 15, 2012 has gone through yet another format change as we approach the date of the forum, with the most recent changes being driven by the immense popularity and notoriety the forum is gaining.

We are extremely excited to announce the most recent addition of two more very special honored guests: Mayor Li Zaiyong of the city of Guiyang, and Vice Governor Sun Guoqiang.

The number of students permitted to attend has grown from eight hundred to thirteen hundred. There will be two forum locations at Guiyang No. 1 High School: the meeting hall will hold five hundred students and the concert hall will hold eight hundred students. There are now attendance confirmations from twenty American college students. The forum will begin in the morning and run until afternoon sometime. It is now being speculated that regular classes may not be held on this Friday, June 15 due to the great number of students who will attend this forum.

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