L'économie de collaboration

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ERICLOWITT_book-smalllL'économie de collaboration by Eric Lowitt explores the ways in which modern corporations, the state of the environment and social justice issues are inextricably intertwined. In the first part of L'économie de collaboration, Lowitt delineates the deficiencies associated with the current state of the economy, which he coins the “Waste Economy.” He depicts the current economic framework as unsustainable, impractical and inefficient, both environmentally and financially.

His descriptions make evident the need for concerted action to develop more future- friendly business models. Lowitt then provides several examples of corporations such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, GE, Nike and Seventh Generation, that have taken promising steps towards conducting business in a more innovative, synergistic and viable manner. These examples provide hope that taking a more thoughtful approach towards business, rather than individualistic attitude, can Eric-Lowitt-petityield far reaching and admirable results. Finally, Lowitt discusses the skills required of individual leaders to push all companies and institutions towards greener, more cooperative and more ethical futures.

The IEA believes this valuable book presents itself at the exact right time for the world to take fresh and honest look at itself with the goal of deriving aggressive new plans for sustainability and then acting on those plans. L'économie de collaboration est certainement intéressant à lire.

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